HOB Technology re-invents search

HOB Technology is a young R&D company entirely fuelled by future vision. Our main objective is to develop smart solutions that enable us to provide a wide range of profit-making services and products. We are investigating innovative ways to connect the »real world« and the »digital world« and to design technology to meet these new demands. In our current project we explore exciting new ways to search huge databases and the Internet.

Powerful search engines like Google are capable of indexing millions of pages and returning millions of results, but in our understanding this is definitely not the right way to continue. In the future it will not be about sheer quantity any more, but about the quality, reliability and the relevance of the information. So the only way to proceed is to analyse, qualify and merge information rather than to simply index it.

But how can this be achieved? Well, that’s what our core technology is about: to use the almost limitless resources of the internet in order to build a coherent body of data and to make it accessible in a more effective and intuitive way.


MARTIN REINHART Martin came up with the idea to built up a fairly different kind of book platform as early as 2012. Together with his former business partner Johann Weisenhorn he started to built up a structure of companies and a network of competence to meet the enormous challenges involved. Martin has studied Fine Arts in Vienna and the list of his inventions is as long as the list of projects he has initiated and contributed to.

OLIVER REINHART Oliver, Martin's brother was co-founder of PriceTravel, the most innovative travel agency in the Spanish speaking world which operates successfully in Colombia, Mexico, South America, the United States, the Caribbean and Spain. Being in the business since 2000, PriceTravel today has 800 employees. Oliver recently resigned as PriceTravel's CEO and helps to build up the HOB Technology's overseas business. He lives and works in Cancun, Mexico.

MATTHIAS SCHELLANDER Matthias' passion is to build up and to organize companies. He worked for a logistic company and a private bank before he went to Abu Dhabi to establish the regional branch of an Austrian trading company in the UAE. Back in Vienna he joined Martin’s former company Indiecam GmbH as Head of Operations and now is the General Manager of HOB-Technology GmbH.

LEONARD COSTER Leonard is the mastermind behind the logical aspects of our project. He is a trained physicist, mathematician and engineer and has made efficiency, accuracy and ease of use the corner stones of all his designs and inventions. As all of us he is eager to find innovative and surprising solutions to new and well known problems.

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